My journey commenced with a laparotomy in 1989 to excise a cyst and a portion of my ovary. Subsequently, I encountered perplexing abdominal and pelvic pain, accompanied by severe nausea and vomiting in the ensuing year. Throughout early 1990, frequent emergency room visits and extended hospitalizations became routine. Over the next five years, I underwent nine abdominal surgeries without a definitive diagnosis until scar tissue was identified. Despite this revelation, my pain persisted and intensified.

In July 2009, amidst numerous medical appointments, another surgery was prescribed. Following the procedure that month, a full bowel obstruction manifested by November 2009, irrevocably altering my life trajectory. Since then, my days have been punctuated by hospital admissions, emergency room trips, and countless agonizing, sleepless nights.

Subsequently diagnosed with Chronic Abdominal Adhesion, I learned that individuals exhibit varying responses to scar tissue formation following surgical interventions. Regrettably, the scar tissue in my abdomen has constricted most of my abdominal and pelvic organs, resulting in what is termed a "frozen abdomen." Despite seeking medical assistance across several states, my chronic pain remains unabated. My gastroenterologist has cautioned against further abdominal operations due to potential life-threatening risks. Regrettably, the most recent surgical attempt proved futile, as the surgeon encountered insurmountable barriers within my scarred abdomen.

Yardeh Dobyne

Founder, CEO

Yardeh's Cry for Help!

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