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                                                       YARDEH’S CRY FOR HELP

                                                       My journey started when I had a laparotomy to remove a cyst and a part of my ovary  in                                                            1989. A year later, I began experiencing strange abdominal and pelvic pain followed  by                                                            severe nausea and vomiting. The beginning of 1990 I had frequent visits to the                                                                        emergency room and multiple hospital stayed. Five years into the process, I had nine                                                                abdominal surgeries, and was not diagnosed with Scar Tissue. But my pain continue                                                                 to get worse.

On a sunny day in July 2009, during one of my many doctors’ visits, I was advised that I needed yet another surgery. Had surgery in July, and by November of 2009, I had a full bowel obstruction, which changed my life forever. Since then, my life has consisted of hospital stays, ER visits, and many restless days and excruciatingly painful and sleepless nights. 


Finally, I was diagnosed with Chronic Abdominal Adhesion. The irony of the matter is some individuals scar tissues worse than others after any surgical procedure. Unfortunately, the scar tissues in my abdomen have attached most of my abdominal and pelvic organs forming a FROZEN abdomen. I have visited several hospitals in multiple states seeking help to ease my chronic pain, but none has made a difference.  As per my gastroenterologist, more operation on my abdomen could be fatal. Most recent surgical procedure was unsuccessful…the surgeon was unable to cut through my abdomen.

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As sufferers of Adhesion Related Disorder, we have a responsibility to share our stories so that people and the medical establishment can understand the severity of the impact ADR has on the patients but also their families, caregivers, and friends. If you suffer from ARD, please complete the form below to share your story with others so that we can get the exposure needed to get better treatment options, insurance coverage, medical studies, and heightened awareness to establish prevention protocols.  

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